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We want to take our company in new directions and make recruiting both fairer and better.

Sandra Zemke

Founder & CEO

Natalia Olhovik

Fractional CTO

Peter Löber

Co-Founder & COO

Andrea Hartmair

Marketing & Communications

Julia Boll


Paul Wittchen


Pamina Trenz


Dr. Florian Offergelt

Investor & Advisory Board

Oliver Wucher

Investor & Advisory Board

Angelika Goll

Investor & Advisory Board

A little story about discrimination

"I have written and submitted more than 60 applications in the meantime and haven't received a single interview invitation."

My friend is on the phone. Her parents were not born in Germany. She is in her mid-30s, has professional experience and is well educated. We are looking over her records: they are solid.

Me: Your picture is too beautiful.

She says, "I think it's because of my name."

I reply: "Maybe use a different name then?" - She gave the idea a try and then submitted two applications - one with her real name, a second application as E. Müller.

Ms. Müller received an invitation. She did not.

I start researching: What happened to the anonymous application pilot conducted by the anti-discrimination agency and well-known German companies? They are pointing out it has been successful: more diverse candidates were found and hired. The anti-discrimination agency did come to the conclusion: "This is how you should do it". That was back in 2012.

Now it's 2021 - and nobody's doing it.

My research also shows that there still does not exist a simple and good technical solution to this problem.

It's time - for anonyfy!

Our Vision and Mission

Fair Chances for everyone - Creating a trusted place to meet for bias-free recruitment.

Our Values

As a team, we are living the values ​​that the anonyfy platform embodies every single day.

We have high expectations of anonyfy as a company - we want to set new standards in the direction of appreciation and flexibility. We want to be a place where people are not only tolerated, but celebrated in their uniqueness. Working hours should adapt to the people, just like office locations and their structures. Let's get started - let's see where we end up!

Living Appreciation

For us, appreciation means seeing and celebrating the individual needs and perspectives of our colleagues. The aim is for everyone to be who they like to be and to be comfortable, so that we can all work in an environment in which everyone can grow and shine.

Living Diversity

Diversity in the team is valuable, and we try to create the space for diversity to work day in, day out. Not everyone expresses ideas in the same way, and not everyone likes to express ideas out loud. Nevertheless, we want to hear every voice, because together we are a choir.

Team Science

What we build into anonyfy is based on scientific evidence. When building our company, we don't just want to do things the way they have always been done, but in a way that has been proven to make sense. And as is so common in science, we are happy to revise our findings - and try again.

Be part of the change!

The success of your company depends heavily on finding the most suitable candidates.

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